Flora Bradwell is a London based artist and curator whose generously grotesque practice encompasses paintng, sculpture, performance
and installation. Flora completed her MFA at The Slade School of Fine Art in 2021, receiveing the Felix Slade Award, Jeanne Szego Prize
and Sarabande Emergin Bursary while there. This year Flora is a Gilbert Bayes Award winner, Artist in Residence at Vincent Can Gogh Huis,
NL and an a-n Artist Bursary recipient.

Flora's vibrant trashy work has recently been exhibited at Matt's Gallery, Staffordshire Street and Saatchi Gallery, London; Liminal Gallery,
Margate and Future DMND, LA. Selected residencies include Elephant Lab, London, Cyprus College of Art, Paphos and SIM, Reykjavik.
Flora curates UK-wide art happenings and is Co-Director of Bad Art.


2018 - 2021 Slade School of Fine Art, Fine Art Painting MFA
2007 - 2009 City & Guilds of London Art School, Fine Art Painting BA

Selected Shows / Outings
Gilbert Bayes Exhibition, Royal Society of Sculptors, London
Strangers in the Night (CURATORIAL) Somers Gallery, London
Aanwinsten, Vincent VanGogh Huis, Zundert

Let Them Eat Fake 2 (CURATORIAL), BWG Gallery, London
Salon, Liminal Gallery, Margate
Hypha Studios, London
The Amber Room
, Matt's Gallery, London
Vulvas That Bite and Other Creatures, Workshop and talk with Open School East, Turner Contemporary, Margate
Naissance, Unit London, London
Ludicrous Alchemy, Lewisham Art House, London
Full to Bursting (CURATORIAL), Staffordshire Street, London
Arms Around you in a Warm Embrace (SOLO), Vincent Van Gogh Gallery, Zundert
Try a little... Tenderness, Liminal Gallery, Margate
Who Holds The Sword (CURATORIAL), Hypha Studios, London
Fleshy Magic, Somers Gallery, London

Ghost Show, Copeland Park, London
We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat, Slash Arts, London
Touch Me Baby (CURATORIAL), The Bomb Factory, London
ME2U, The Nunnery Gallery, London
Best of BF Artist Film Festival, Whitechapel Gallery, London
Let The Eat Fake (CURATORIAL), The Bomb Factory, London
In Bloom, Future DMND, Los Angeles
Skin of Your Teeth (CURATORIAL), The Crypt Gallery, London
Snakes on a Picture Plane, UK Mexican Arts Society, London

3D Women, Platform Southewark, London
London Grads Now, Saatchi Gallery, London
Feeling both things at once, UK Mexican Arts Society, London
Hot Air (CURATORIAL), Manor Place Warehouse, London
A Brief History of the Vagina Dentata, lecture of the London Drawing Group's Feminist Lecture Series, London
Tehom, SIM Gallery, Reykjavik

Hungry Boots (SOLO), Patio Project, London
Phlorysta, Rua do Grillo, Lisbon
Slade Showcase, Kristin Hjellegjerd Gallery, London
Glutton (CURATORIAL), Wells Project Space, London
Summer Pleasure Garden, Royal Academy of Arts, London
To Whom The Flesh, My Flesh, Still Connects Me
(CURATORIAL), The Poetry Society, London
Cartoons and Cereal
, Offshoot Gallery, London
Catching Flies, University of Kent, Canterbury
I'm in the bath where are you? (CURATORIAL), the icing room, London
Raw Materials: Plastics, Nunnery Gallery, London
Creekside Open, APT Gallery, London
Pulling Teeth, ASC Gallery, London

European Madiea Arts Festival, Osnabruck
(CURATORIAL), Gaff Space, London
Dice Festival
, Summerhall, Edinburgh
, Ovada, Oxford
General Store, Hewing Wittare, London
The Anarchist Feminist Party, Ugly Duck, London

I Have A Penis, Zaratan, Lisbon
It's Alive: Live Art Cinema, HFWS Birmingham
Sublimate (CURATORIAL), the icing room, London
Gender Fluid, Ice Space, Bath
Toronto Queer Film Festival, Toronto
INLAND #2: Neither (CURATORIAL), Centrala, Birmingham
Minotaur Maze (CURATORIAL), The Crypt Gallery, London

Selected Awards | Scholarships | Grants
Gilbert Bayes Award
a-n Artist Bursary
Jeanne Szego Prize
Sarabande Bursary Prize
Felix Slade Scholarship, Slade School of Fine Art
ASC Artist Development Award

Selected Residencies
Van Gogh AIR, Zundert
Elephant Lab, London
Lisboa Social Press, Lisbon
Grampus Heritage, Cyprus College of Art, Pathos
SIM International Residency Programme, Reykjavik
The Fine Art Collective Residency, ColArt, London